Audio Visual Solutions

Shell Oil & Gas Emergency Control Room Deployment

With the relocation to their new premises, AJS V.o.F. needed to upgrade their offices to state of the art automated emergency control rooms for their clients, Shell, AMEC, Jacobs and Stork Industry Services Netherlands B.V.

AJS V.o.F being a joint venture with several Oil companies, the remit was to turn normal office rooms in to fully automated emergency control rooms. The room needed to be managed with minimum user input, compatible with a wide array of new and legacy equipment and most importantly, reliable. As AJS V.o.F. represented several companies, differing company infrastructure would be applied once in the room. Varying group policies, access control methods and a multitude of devices all needed to be compatible. 

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Micro Focus Global Collaboration Project

With the acquisition of more software development companies, Micro Focus Ltd needed a cost-effective, reliable and secure solution allowing the staff full collaboration across the group of companies. SMART TECH interactive screens running Meeting Pro software was chosen as the industry hardware and software solution.

Micro Focus is headquartered in Newbury, United Kingdom. Following the 2014 merger with the US based Attachmate Group, Micro Focus is now one company operating two product portfolios. With over 60 offices around the world, several acquisitions and a growing workforce, secure global
collaboration systems were key to their success.

Bridging that collaboration gap across more than 40 countries in multiple languages was the challenge and Systems Assurance believed SMART Interactive Screens and Meeting Pro software would be the best of breed solution. We provided full support and installation solutions across their global sites, including Israel, Beijing, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, and many others

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Gripple Award winning manufacturer chooses flexible solution for internal communication

Market-leading manufacturers of Industrial Wire Rope Suspension Systems, Seismic Bracing & Blast Protection, Viticulture, Orchards & Fencing, Ground Anchor Systems for Civil Construction

With different sites across the world, Gripple needed a solution to their internal communication challenges. Systems Assurance designed and developed a custom digital signage solution in multiple languages.

• Dissemination of information is now quicker and easier saving time and increasing productivity.
• The right message is communicated to all teams.
• Everyone in the business is more informed and therefore more motivated.
• Gripple have a structured platform to build further business solutions on.

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Kellogg's Corporate Offices Rise & Shine with BrightSign Digital Signage

While innovation has been a driving force in the Kellogg Company's growth for more than a century, Kellogg's intra-office and employee communications system was stuck in the 80's. Recognising the importance of timely, uniform corporate communications throughout the enterprise, Kellogg's updated its employee and corporate communications systems with an enterprise-wide digital signage solution. Initially, twenty BrightSign solid state HD210 media platers were deployed, and it was so successful that Kellogg had systems integrator Intaglio AV add another 43 BrightSign network enabled players to bring the digital signage solution to more than 50 offices nationwide.

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Selfridges Turns to BrightSign to Launch its New Denim Studio

Selfridges, one of the world’s best-known department stores, used BrightSign’s solid-state players to help launch Denim Studio, the world’s largest denim store at its flagship location on London’s Oxford Street. "Selfridges’ Oxford Street storefront is one of the best known in London. For this application, BrightSign players were the obvious choice, delivering crisp, Full HD playback – reliably and daily – for years on end without fail," said Mike Fabian, manager of Freehand’s Digital Signage division. “BrightAuthor and BrightSign Network make it easy to generate new content for the players, schedule playback and update as required. BrightSign’s players provide a flexible and utterly reliable solution that is low-cost and easy to work with.”

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Dior installs BrightSign players in 13 counters around the world

International luxury brand Dior is using BrightSign players to drive video walls in 13 stores and concessions in Europe and Asia. The stores and concessions in France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, China and Japan feature two or more video walls with 2-5 synchronised screens driven by BrightSign players. Dior commissioned Digitalli to provide synchronised video content to run on all of the screens worldwide. Bertrand Degien, Technical Director, recommended BrightSign players for the new Points of Sale (POS) they installed. BrightSign solid state players are the playback platform of choice for Digitalli at new stores around the world based on their stellar image quality and total reliability.