Software Licensing & SAM

The demand for affordable access to the best technologies is ever increasing. To stay ahead of the competition buying and provisioning your own applications and running them on the most efficient hardware is no longer the winning formula. It takes too long to deploy new services, ties up capital, isn’t flexible and is administration intensive.

Our Cloud and hosted data centre services deliver compelling cost savings over traditional business models to help you scale back operating costs and eliminate the need for capital expenditure:
Our tailored datacentre services enable you to run your business your way on our cost efficient infrastructure. No longer will cost stop you getting the high level of operational technology your business needs:
  • Co-location services: Get the benefits of enterprise infrastructure without the costs in our Tier 3 data centre.
  • Co-location: Maintain complete control over your own servers without the expense
  • Managed Co-location: All the benefits of Co-location plus someone to manage the system administration
  • Utility Services: Abolish capital expenditure – your IT doesn’t need it anymore.
  • Cloud Backup: Backup all your critical data and systems from as little as £1.25 per GB stored. And before we store it for you, we de-dupe and compress it so you don’t store what you don’t need to.
  • Virtual Datacentre: All your infrastructure needs delivered on best of breed technology and you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis. Cisco, VMware and EMC technology was never so affordable.
  • Desktops as a Service: Get your business desktop wherever you are, whatever device you are using. 
DavyMarkham Saving Money with Software Asset Management

DavyMarkham’s focus is very much on engineering projects and site infrastructure spread across the world so Peter Herbert and his team wanted to create a single point of responsibility and gain better control of their information technology (IT) assets.

This coupled with no central way of tracking licences, meant they were finding it difficult to prove compliance and suspected over or under licensing some key areas. They chose Systems Assurance Ltd as their Software Asset Management Partner to given control back to Peter and his team. Case Study, Read More...